Services and Products

  • Initial appointment Five-element style acupuncture: $125.
  • Follow-up appointments: $75.
  • Extraordinary meridian treatment packages for deep healing of emotional patterns and trauma. (These treatments are only available after the patient has had a minimum of ten regular Five-element treatments.): $225 for a set of three treatments, plus recommended essential oil blend.
  • One hour acupuncture immune treatment: $40.
  • Initial appointment for Chinese Herbal Medicine: $125.
  • Follow-up appointments for Chinese Herbal Medicine: $75.
  • At this time, I am contracted with Crane Herbs to fill herbal prescriptions. Herbal appointments do not include the cost of Chinese patent medicines, supplements or herbal formulas.
  • Some common Chinese patent medicines and formulas may be available for purchase at my office, especially during cold/flu season in the autumn and spring.
  • Essential oil blends for each element may be ordered through Snow Lotus to augment the effect of Five-element treatments. Please inquire about price and availability.


All major credit and debit cards are accepted through Square, including health savings account cards. I now accept OHP-Trillium, as well as may forms of private insurance. I am in the process of requesting credentialing with OHP-Pacific Source. If you are experiencing financial hardship, please contact me directly to discuss payment options.

For those patients who have private insurance, I will email a link to Holistic Billing Service in order to verify that your policy will pay for acupuncture services. My billing service will report back the number of appointments covered, how many have been used during the previous calendar year, the modalities covered by your policy,and other information that I require for billing. Please click on the link and complete the online form before your first appointment if you wish to use insurance to cover the cost of the initial visit.

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